Vydia – Launch Video

As a digitally focused creative agency, we know a thing or two about content. But what we weren’t aware of is just how endemic freebooting is. That’s when someone creates a video and publishes it to say, Facebook. Then someone much lazier—but more opportunistic—downloads the video and reposts it to their own YouTube channel without permission from the video’s creator. And while the freebooter racks up views, followers, and even revenue, the creator is left wondering what might have been.

Enter Vydia, a NJ-based startup that has developed a platform to protect video content creators and their IP. The tech behind it is complex, but using it is incredibly simple. And the benefits are priceless. So when Vydia asked us to create a video that explains what their platform does, we saw an opportunity to empower video content creators of all kinds to sign up and go do their thing.