Fizzics Case Study

Fizzics, a NJ-based startup, has developed technology that makes beer from a can or bottle taste like it’s been poured fresh from the tap. Needless to say, they have a lot going for them, like a successful appearance on Shark Tank, segments on QVC, and national distribution in Target, Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond. Sales have been solid everywhere, except on their own website. So they asked us to redesign their site and optimize their search rankings in an effort to drive more sales.


So, naturally, we put our heads together over a few beers and came up with a more cost effective solution that would meet their near-term goals and set them up for future success: don’t rebuild the whole website yet. Instead drive qualified traffic from social media ads to a new, more robust, user-friendly e-commerce experience—then fine-tune that traffic to custom audiences who are more and more likely to buy.

The existing online store was really just a shopping cart overlay—no product pages, no enticing copy, no compelling visual content. We enlisted our dev partner Cantilever to lead the new design and build, while we provided content strategy and copywriting. The final product was a customized a Shopify theme that delivered a seamless, search-friendly, super sticky e-comm experience. We also strategically embedded the Facebook pixel into the store, enabling us to precisely target and retarget our ads. Check out the new store here.

During the development of the store, we analyzed Fizzics’ marketing goals, previous social campaigns and website analytics—then we devised our strategy: deploy a 3-month ad test on Facebook and Instagram that would move consumers down the conversion funnel in time for the Father’s Day sales push. For a modest test spend, we would generate awareness of Fizzics, build custom audiences and drive qualified traffic—those likely to make a purchase—to the new online store. If it worked, which (spoiler alert) it did, our client would feel confident in building on that success with increased spend.

Initially, ad creative leveraged existing client assets. As results came in, we saw an opportunity to create more engaging, thumbstopping content like video made for social media, cinemagraphs and Facebook Canvas units.

The ads were deployed over 3 months, in multiple flights, each with their own CPR, CPC and CPA goals. All along, creative was launched, honed then relaunched. Audiences were refined, retargeted based on engagement, then refined further. High-level results raised our own eyebrows, and left our clients thirsty for more.

Fizzics Stats