Ashley Uncomfortable Moments

Holidays are the time of year when people find comfort in family, friends, home and all the moments that make the season so special. But there are plenty of uncomfortable holiday moments, too. Like when you overcook the holiday ham, get stuck sitting at the kids table or find yourself standing under the mistletoe with someone 3 times your age.

Our “Uncomfortable Moments” campaign for Ashley HomeStore explored these fun, relatable scenes of awkwardness in a fun video content series, illustrated by Charles Lehman and animated in-house at By & Large. In each of the scenarios, the furniture either plays the hero or a more subtle supporting role—simply by being in the room.

The whimsical, nostalgic content got high marks from social channel teams at Facebook and YouTube, gave the brand a refreshingly light-hearted voice and helped it stand out in a season of home furnishing holiday sameness. Conceived as a campaign versus a one-off video, the series was designed to leverage the narrative building abilities of Facebook’s sequential advertising product, which guarantees viewers will see all four videos once they’ve watched one.


Kids Table