A designer, a writer and a coder walk into a bar…

No joke, that’s how By & Large came to be. We are a team of NYC ad agency & media vets with decades of collective digital experience creating, launching and scaling ad campaigns and social media efforts for global and national brands.

As a content and media agency, we put brand messages in front of the most opportune audiences on social media to build narratives and ultimately drive sales. Unlike standalone content studios or media agencies, we can create and deploy ad campaigns using thoughtful strategy, feed-friendly content and by leveraging our exclusive access to social channel intelligence.

And we do all of this in Red Bank, NJ. Which means our clients aren’t footing the bill for a Tribeca loft space with a swanky roof deck.

Our Home

We work in a turn-of-the-century house in Red Bank, NJ, which was once the residence of all star NY Yankee infielder George “Snuffy” Stirnweiss. After retiring from baseball to become a banker, he was tragically killed on his commute to NYC when his train plunged into Newark Bay. We believe Snuffy watches over us every day and protects us from a similar fate.